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Don’t you find meaning to your disastrous existence? Would you like to live in an eternal state of fun, joy and enthusiasm?  Do you want to be a new man and share this with the whole human race? You deserve to shine and showcase your success. There is a place where you can show your infinite virtues and in which no one is aware of your faults. The magic formula to wipe out the vulnerability. Your best.

To begin with, here we assure that it will be surprisingly easy to make friends and you won’t have to waste time or energy as in earlier times. Just ask automatically. Leave it in our hands, we´ll suggest you the best company.We have eradicated loneliness. Some of these people are close to you , nothing new. The main thing is that  you will also be in contact with those with whom you have just exchanged a word over the past 20 years.  You don´t need to greet them if you run into the supermarket , but you may know details of their private life and personality… And guess what! You can even read their conversations as much as you want. They may have interesting friends, so do not feel foolish if you find yourself gossiping weekend photos of your neighbour’s cousin’s hairdresser. Remember, friends of your friends are your friends. This is the magic of this brave new world.

We also guarantee that in this site any time of your life will become exceptional. And you must publish it. We suggest, if you want to fully enjoy the experience, that you always take the camera with you. Better yet! We have integrated it into your phone, which is now called smartphone and will soon replace our outdated brain. But that’s another topic. Assume that anything can / should be photographed . Do not worry , everything is interesting, and why not, you can also discover your artistic side , you are a genius. The dish you are eating, no matter how cool it is. A sunset in the Greek islands, your new socks. Whatever.

Maybe you are wondering what is the point of revealing your intimacy to unknown people, well, it has its own reward: the constant approval of others. For instance, imagine that every morning at the office at least 25 colleagues told you how much they like your new haircut or how resourceful you are. Here is possible. Some studies , such as the Free University of Berlin, say it is addictive and that every time we get a nod, one thumb up, the nucleus accumbens, i.e. the pleasure center of the brain, is activated. It is also activated with sex or food. But come on! What harm can a considerable measure of egocentricity cause? Flattery and nods generate that feeling of well-being that leads people to repeat certain behaviors to increase their reputation. Continue to increase it, pamper yourself! Until you feel complete . If you don’t feel like that and instead feel a sense of dissatisfaction or anxiety without  reason, do not be alarmed , these are side effects, you will get used . Take a gram of soma. Reconnect. Give your opinion about the injustices and put your bit to change the world, but remember we do not want to change. Now we are happier , your life is much easier.

And finally, in return for all these benefits, you simply have to accept the terms and conditions of use. Your information is public and will never be removed , even if you decide to leave. We may use it for commercial purposes, for calibrating and understanding the effectiveness of ads you and others see, for internal operations, or when national security is at stake, but it doesn´t matter because you have nothing to hide, right?

More information| Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, elitedaily.com ” Why you should think twice about who you envy on Social Media, CNN ” Happiness is contagious in social networks”

Picture| www.truefail.com

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