The Four Ways Great Leaders Think


Success is not a matter of what we think but how we think. There are four kinds of thinking. To be a great leader, we must master them all.   A Rabbi, fabled for his wisdom, was approached by a young man eager to become his student. The Rabbi repeatedly rejected the young man, dismissively […]

Can Creativity Be Taught?


Every great leader is a creative leader. If creativity can be taught how is it done? In the early 1980s I was trundling along on a New York subway with a colleague when he suddenly said, “14, 18, 23, 28, 34.  What is the next number in this series?” For the next ten minutes I manfully […]

Effective decision making

Photo_Pierre Cock final 3

1.    DECISION MAKING As human beings we are constantly involved in decision making. Most decisions are unconscious, like driving a car, our non-verbal communication, what and how we eat, the way we behave around other people, etc. About 10% of our decisions are conscious, for example, setting priorities: what will I do first?  Which route […]

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