What is anxiety?


Anxiety is a natural response the body produces in order to let us cope with events that require of a fast and safe response. When facing a challenging situation, our freeze-fight-flee response arouses. This response has a neurobiological path that starts when a perceived-as-dangerous situation is processed in our brain and reaches the hypothalamus, which […]

What is the Influenza virus and how can we protect against it?


Our body has the Immune System, which, among other things, protects it against infectious agents (Antigens). When an antigen comes in contact with our body for the first time, the immune system produces a series of antibodies to destroy it. For years, sometimes forever, this system “remembers” this particular infectious agent, and in a second […]

What are the new sustainable techniques to decontaminate food?


Different measures to decontaminate food have evolved considerably over the last decades. The traditional system based on the application of heat has given way to other non-thermal treatments due to the several disadvantages appreciated such as changes in the organoleptic properties, loss of nutrients, destruction of vitamins, flavor changes and its high energy consumption associated. High pressure processing High pressure processing (HPP) is […]

What is bioclimatic architecture?


Buildings, nowadays, are the biggest consumers of energy in our cities. In Spain it represents more than a quarter of total consumption of energy. This situation has led us to need to reduce our energy consumption, and  for this reason we need to fulfill bioclimatic criteria to help us  to achieve sustainability. Bioclimatic architecture is […]

The Shale Gas Revolution (III)


After analysing the success of the shale gas revolution in the US, the third part of the article describes the current situation of the shale gas industry in Europe. Finally, some conclusions are presented. Shale gas in Europe: Is it possible to replicate the revolution? There are estimated to be large reserves of shale gas […]

The Shale Gas Revolution (II)


The second part of the article describes the origins of the shale gas industry and the prospects for the future in the United States. The beginning of the revolution: the development of the shale gas industry in the United States US Shale Gas Plays Production of shale gas has profoundly changed the US natural gas […]

The Shale Gas Revolution (I)


During the past few years, the development of new technology has allowed access to large reserves of natural gas. A revolution that is having a great impact on global energy markets has just begun. Have you ever heard about shale gas? This article presents some fundamental aspects of shale gas including the origins of shale gas […]

Peak Oil: The beginning of the end of Oil


Oil is a non-renewable natural resource, i.e. it is not regenerated as fast as it is consumed. As a result, oil reserves will finish sooner or later. Have you ever wondered how much oil is left? When is it going to run out? During the past few decades some oil industry experts have asked themselves the same questions and they […]

Space travel: not only for astronauts


Cabin crew, prepare for take off…we´re going to space.  To us earth folk, space has always been something either only seen in the movies, on the news or an image in our most surreal-like dreams.  Space is mysterious, intriguing, and so far away that it is difficult to really fathom its existence. With today’s incredible […]

When Is A Lot, Too Much?

I have too much stuff

          We live in times where more and more, what we owe defines who we are. Where to be someone you need to own certain things, climb the social ladder, buy that special rug, those uncomfortable and shiny shoes … But is this consumerist way of life really bringing happiness to mankind? […]

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