Business Case: The Couch Surfing Revolution

Got Couch?

If there was one thing in this world that could prove the true goodness of humanity and that could put trust back in one another it would have to be Couch Surfing. Couch Surfing is an internet website in which a person can create a profile with the option to post pictures, describe their interests […]

Live beyond limits


Have you ever got one of those bad mood days when you wake up and wonder why your life is so miserable? Or why you are working in something you don’t really like or living a life you don’t really deserve? I guess you have. Everybody has. After some time, the storm passes and you […]

Becoming Vegan to Fight Global Warming

Official Vegan Society Logo

When I first became vegan 5 years ago my motivation came through my desire to end the needless suffering of animals and to prove that one could live, and even thrive, on a plant-based diet. As I became more interested in the ideals of veganism and also in the ever-growing problem of global warming, I […]

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