Welcome to facebook: Brave new world?

Facebook The place where all relationships are perfect

Don’t you find meaning to your disastrous existence? Would you like to live in an eternal state of fun, joy and enthusiasm?  Do you want to be a new man and share this with the whole human race? You deserve to shine and showcase your success. There is a place where you can show your infinite […]

What’s the future for the European Union?


We are currently living a conflict period within the European Union, but do not think it is just about the southern economies, all the countries are virtually in troubles. Politicians and economics are trying to manage a crisis, for which a solution is not found, and in which there are a credit crisis, the banks […]

Investing in RDI in crisis times?


We are currently living in a society where there are high unemployment rates, where people commit suicide because they can hardly survive.  The question is: do we really want to invest in Research Development and Innovation (RDI)? Where would you invest 500M Euros in the current economic climate? Would you invest that money in a […]

Is Apple a bubble?


On September 21st, the shares of Apple reached $705 and became the company with highest market capitalization in  history, beating Microsoft, which in the nineties got a capitalization of 620,500 million dollars. Even with  the death of its CEO, Steve Jobs, Apple continued its exponential growth. Everything was perfect. Despite of the small disappointments that […]

The property bubble which threats the world


The real estate business has been a secure investment for many countries. It provided great incomes to several countries. Ireland and Spain are some clear examples of these investors; Ireland became the “Celtic Tiger” and Spain was one of the largest world economies being very close to the  G8 countries. In these countries, banks played […]

The eternal traveler syndrome.


One of the hardest things to explain to someone who has never lived abroad, is the feeling of belonging nowhere. Quoting the wise words of a restless explorer, this is what we may call “the eternal traveler syndrome”, because once you try it out, you can never stop. The experts call it “reverse cultural shock”, […]

Four generations and happy: what’s the secret?


  One couple, 60 years of marriage, four generations. Four children, 13 grandchildren, almost 10 great-grandchildren, and a lot of happiness. Even if exceptional nowadays, it is still possible! A little bit of luck is necessary but above all you need to put effort, it takes willingness and motivation. We went asking the great-grandmother in […]

Skipping: The new way of food ‘shopping’?

wasted food

  People rummaging through the bins of supermarkets at night in order to find something edible is called skipping, also known as dumpster diving in the US, the country where this trend was born. One may think that these people are very poor or even homeless but fact is that many of these skippers are quite well […]

The Digital Divide – Should Internet Access Be a Human Right?

The Digital Divide

The Internet makes the world go round. It is a means to distribute and collect information, interact socially, do business and make a change. By the uprising of the Arab societies in 2011, the importance of the Internet’s role as facilitator of freedom and development got finally undeniable. However, an estimated 70% of the world […]

When Is A Lot, Too Much?

I have too much stuff

          We live in times where more and more, what we owe defines who we are. Where to be someone you need to own certain things, climb the social ladder, buy that special rug, those uncomfortable and shiny shoes … But is this consumerist way of life really bringing happiness to mankind? […]

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