Global citizens? Try traveling like a local


  Similar tourist traps and millions of other tourists on your journey, but no local to be found. Sounds familiar? Often when people are travelling abroad, they simple follow their tourism handbook or go with the maps the hotel gave them. In this way, tourists surely get an impression of a city, but not of […]

Liberated education or an adjusted education?


Education is an academic process, which prepares people to receive information and orientates them to have critical and significant knowledge of the world. Its purpose is to situate the person into their social context, to be able to confront and react to life challenges.   But reality isn’t quite as simple.   If we review […]

The First Follower


We know a lot about leaders and there is plenty of literature out there about the qualities and skills of a leader,  tips and secrets on how to  become a successful leader.  But what about the leader’s followers? While leaders are known to be the initiators, the followers are known to be as responders, leaders […]

Is a new war starting between occidental and islamic countries? The conflict of Mali


Since last December the French government is sending many soldiers to Mali. This African country is governed by Sissoko, and has suffered a war against Tuareg and is living another one against Ismalic. Azawad is a region located in the north of Mali, where there is an important independence movement and has had many conflicts […]

Set Your Sails for the New Year

Goals - Direction

In my previous article ‘Excuse Me, What is Coaching?’ I introduced you to coaching and how can it help you to achieve your goals. Let’s look in a bit more detail at goals. When I tell my friends and people around me about coaching and how it helps to achieve goals, they often tell me […]

Not yet familiar with voluntary work?


When was the last time you saw a social problem? Or you crossed by a social injustice? There’s no need on going to distant cities, countries with an infinite history of human disasters, or to places in the world that we hear of but we do not know. Social problems are in our day to […]

Excuse me, what is Coaching?

Little Devil

When I told my friends and family that I’m becoming a Coach I received different reactions like ‘What, football coach?’ or ‘Some kind of a psychotherapist?’ or the most extreme one from my foreign friends ‘Are you actually going to drive a coach?’. Surprisingly, I found that not many people know what Coaching is about. We […]

Is Communicating that easy?

communication skills

  People frequently make interpersonal contacts were they communicate with others, with whom they are in different situations either in small groups (family, friends, clubs, etc.) or in larger groups (work, school, university, etc.). Interpersonal communication occurs in different areas where it can become susceptible to changes; the number of people may increase, the messages […]

The paleo diet – so easy a caveman can do it? (II)


We continue with the second part of the series about the paleo diet. With the paleo diet we want to avoid lifestyle diseases – which we have more than enough of in the world as it is – like for example type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, weakened immune defense system, allergy, etc. If […]

Syria and Libya: Differences in the battlefield

libia-guerra civil-2

Nowadays Oriental countries are suffering from Civil War, most of these, caused by citizens desperately seeking for democracy. Despite the fact that the Libyan and the Syrian Civil Wars present a similar origin, i.e., citizens seeking for a democracy system, I would dare say that these two civil wars would unveil different endings if M. […]

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