Life Lessons from Football


Happy 2014 World Cup to everybody! My partner is a big football fan and in the last few weeks I had ‘the pleasure’ to watch more football than ever before. As a Life Coach I followed more the psychology of the game and the players rather than the actual game. Are there any lessons that […]

What is the meaning of “Primitivism” in Art?

Pablo Picasso, 1907 "Demoiselles d'Avignon"

When a person, who considers himself/herself as a lover of art, tries to describe a piece, he/she will probably use some common sentences like “This canvas has primitive features…”, “This sculpture reminds me of primitive masks…” or “The artist is interested in the primitive rituals of some cultures…” Maybe, the use of this adjective could be a little risky, […]

Goodbye to Cinecittà


Last March, it was known that the amazing and historic cinema studios Cinecittà, which was located in Rome, will probably be closed down and it will be replaced with a group of buildings (hotels, restaurants, gyms, beauty centers, etc.). The protests have been taking place since some years ago because of the global crisis and also as a result of the […]

Alina Szapocznikow: Her life in sculptures

"Exhumed", bronze, 1955.

This polish artist has turned out to be one of the woman artists more revolutionary and essential of her time. She is one perfect example in the History of Contemporany Art where the personal life of the artist has an effect on her works. She was born in 1926 in Kalisz and with an early […]

The lesson from the sperm and heroes


The analogy with the sperm captures in a poignantly lucid way the main contention of this treatise that all men are created equal. As a Christian, I need no proof to believe that but even when I distance myself from my Christian beliefs I have no hard time finding more examples than I can possibly […]

The year of “El Greco”

Laocoonte (detail). Oil on canvas.

The Spanish city of Toledo is ready for being during this year the centre of attention because of  the commemoration of the 4th Centenary of the death of El Greco. Toledo is going to offer all kind of cultural activities related with this significant artist of the Spanish  Renaissance, from a huge diversity of exhibitions […]

ARCO 2014: Artistic and Cultural Offer

"A Kind of you" from the documental photographer Perttu Saksa

Arco was celebrated a week ago in Madrid. Many visitors could attend to the 33rd edition of this Art Contemporany Fair from 19th until 23rd of the past month of February. This fair is yearly organized by Ifema and it entails a worldwide meeting where large cultural institutions, collectors, galleries and some celebrities get together […]

Is the current globalization a new issue?


Today, I would like to talk about an article I read last week. It was written by Isidoro Moreno Navarro, professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at University of Seville. He has dedicated a considerable part of his life studying Andalusian culture in depth. Among his interests as a researcher, we must stress his works […]

How can we prevent cardiovascular diseases? A healthy lifestyle

dieta ejercicio

Numerous studies show that in today’s society, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death each year, surpassing even deaths from any type of cancer. This group of diseases include all affections of the heart and blood vessels throughout the body (arteries, veins and capillaries), some of which are: heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, etc.   […]

Are native teachers necessarily the best?

english speaking countries

Canagarajah (1999) tells the real story of a Korean student, in possession of a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (MATESL) degree by a University of Boston, looking for a job in the States because in his country he will never be hired since there they prefer native-speakers. Is it not […]

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