Are the Central Banks a free market institution? The public money monopoly

Central Bank system

  What are Central Banks? Is it a public institution or a private institution? Are the Central Banks a free market institution? How much influence do they have on the Economy?  If they control and set up the interest rates, the inflation, the money supply, and even the periods of economic expansion and  downturn, do […]

Do you know how many different pricing strategies exist?


Walking through a mall seems to be something very simple. We wander around looking at the shops we like and, sometimes, we decide to buy something.  The bad news are that our evening in the mall is nothing but innocent. When we walk around, the influence of publicity is working in the background like a […]

When China awoke, it shook the world, but when it falls asleep…


Napoleon once said “China is a sleeping giant. When it awakes, it will shake the world” but what would happen if China falls asleep? Today, we are a little bit closer to discover it due to its macroeconomic figures evolution; In this first graph we could appreciate how the Real Estate’s prices rose more than […]

Making sense of payment policies


  Are companies’ compensation programs making sense nowadays? Do all managers know the real effect that compensation has in their organization? First of all, we all have to understand that compensation programs are much more complex than just salary. Compensation and salary are incorrectly used as synonyms, misleading business practice sometimes. A good compensation program […]

Cost leadership strategy: the dark side

Darth Vader Low Cost

  When it comes to build competitive advantage, companies can use two possible strategies: differentiation or cost leadership strategy. Both of them have a complete different impact in the market. While in differentiation strategy companies try to add value to their products using a different range of actions that goes from marketing to product design, […]

Unemployment and Inflation in Europe: Scylla and Charybdis all over again?


According to Eurostat’s latest data about the inflation and unemployment rates in the Eurozone, annual inflation has been reduced to 0.7%, while the Euro area unemployment is at 12% (10.7% at EU28). In individual member states, the highest unemployment rates are observed in Greece (27.8% in October 2013) and Spain (25.8%) with a declining trend […]

What is Bitcoin? Usage guide


If you still think, as 12% of american population, that Bitcoin is an Xbox game or iPhone app, you must be interested in continue reading: Bitcoin is a virtual decentralized currency, based on a multi-purpose protocol (as HTTP) and the “Peer to Peer” (P2P) network, whose creator, who released the code in 2009, remains anonymous under the pseudonym “Satoshi […]

Mediterranean negotiation strategies: An analysis

IMG 3246

  Negotiation skills are nowadays one of the most important abilities that every one of us need to be good at. With all the choices we have, agreeing with others is not always simple. That’s why companies invest loads of resources every year to teach their employees how to lead a negotiation in order to […]

What is the CAP?

foto PAC

After WW2, food production in Europe was severely affected, with serious problems of production and supply. To avoid the strategic implications which would imply a rising inflation coupled with a depletion of strategic food reserves, in 1962 it is decided to coordinate a response to this problem. It would be the birth of the Common Agricultural […]

What is Bitcoin? The new revolutionary coin in the finance world


  An anonymous cryptography expert or group known as  ” Satoshi Nakamoto ” released bitcoin on the Internet in 2009. What is this coin? What is its purpose? Launched in 2009, it becomes one of the most suitable alternatives to the current world currency system as it allows anyone to have a universal reach coin. […]

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