What is a bad bank? SAREB, the Spanish example


A bad bank is a corporation that buys from banks and savings banks with public aid, their toxic assets linked to the brick. That is, property development loans in default or at risk of default  and buildings and land that banks have received from unpaid debts like mortgages. The bad bank will have to manage […]

Why the bailout is not a pro-market policy

Bail out. Example of public intervention

Over the past few months and years, we all have heard others saying “We won’t pay your crisis” or “Rescue families, not banks!” on multiple occasions. The underlying idea in both cases is that people oppose commercial bank bailouts. Such bailouts, moreover, are often associated with libertarian or pro-market policies, but, we must question if […]

Would private pensions provide higher welfare to low income households?


People assume that the social welfare is essential to make sure that all the population has access to some basic life standards. One of the best examples of this belief is the public retirement pension. The idea that some segments of the population would never be able to have minimum life standards without the help […]

What is the Alternative Stock Market in Spain?

Sudeste Asiático

  The Alternative  Stock Market (MAB)  is a market dedicated to companies with small capitalization which are seeking to expand. That market has a regulation, designed specifically for them, and costs and processes adapted to their characteristics. This system is adapted to specific companies characterised by their size and stage of development, which have large […]

Financial crisis 2007: Market failure or Central planning mistake?

Financial Crisis

In the past years we have been reading that the financial crisis of 2007 was caused by the deregulation, avarice and the markets failures, and that these factors have occasioned the huge economic crisis we live nowadays. At least this is the official or accepted explanation. However, some of these elements are not even a […]

The importance of tourism for the Spanish economy


It is common to hear that the most important asset of the Spanish economy is the tourism. Taking into account that we are in summer time, it would be good to know some of the real effects of tourism for the national economy. We can start saying that tourism has an extraordinary importance in Spain. In […]

Are tax havens harmful for the society?

Are the tax havens harmful for the society?

“Tax havens make us pay more taxes.” It is common to hear this type of phrase which refers to States that offer lower savings taxation. But, are the tax havens harmful for the citizens of developed countries? In this article we intend to analyze the following: 1) Are tax havens inextricably linked to money laundering? 2) Are […]



A few days ago many cities were flooded by taxi drivers demanding a fair regulation of UBER operations in their country. Entering the legal discussion about UBER is not the point of this article. This article pretends to clarify how does UBER operates in order to allow readers to judge by themselves if a regulation […]

The dangers of deflation


Deflation is the term used to describe a situation in which there is a sustained decline of general prices of goods and services during a certain period of time. Consequently, a person like us, a random consumer, could think that this situation is good as it allows us to increase our purchasing power, enabling us […]

Who is Thomas Piketty?

Thomas Piketty

In recent weeks, the name Thomas Piketty is being heard everywhere. But who is Thomas Piketty? And what has he done to become so popular? Thomas Piketty is a 43-year-old French economist who has recently become famous because of his new book: Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which is still only available in English and […]

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