Veronica Hughes
Stories written by Veronica Hughes

British citizen, born and living in Seville , Spain.

Studying social work at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain.

Completing my studies in Paris and Mexico for the academic year 2012/2013.

Interests: voluntary work, education, international cooperation, photography, travelling.

Liberated education or an adjusted education?


Education is an academic process, which prepares people to receive information and orientates them to have critical and significant knowledge of the world. Its purpose is to situate the person into their social context, to be able to confront and react to life challenges.   But reality isn’t quite as simple.   If we review […]

Not yet familiar with voluntary work?


When was the last time you saw a social problem? Or you crossed by a social injustice? There’s no need on going to distant cities, countries with an infinite history of human disasters, or to places in the world that we hear of but we do not know. Social problems are in our day to […]

Is Communicating that easy?

communication skills

  People frequently make interpersonal contacts were they communicate with others, with whom they are in different situations either in small groups (family, friends, clubs, etc.) or in larger groups (work, school, university, etc.). Interpersonal communication occurs in different areas where it can become susceptible to changes; the number of people may increase, the messages […]

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