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I am a PhD student in economics in University of Hertfordshire but I received my basic training in the Economic Department of University of Athens by acquiring both my Bachelor and Master degree. My main interest lies in industrial organization, game theory and international macroeconomics. My greatest ambition concerns the structure of a theoretical model, combined with emprical research, able to provide a sufficient outcome regarding the divergence between policy expectations and reality in depressed economies, like Greece.

Unemployment and Inflation in Europe: Scylla and Charybdis all over again?


According to Eurostat’s latest data about the inflation and unemployment rates in the Eurozone, annual inflation has been reduced to 0.7%, while the Euro area unemployment is at 12% (10.7% at EU28). In individual member states, the highest unemployment rates are observed in Greece (27.8% in October 2013) and Spain (25.8%) with a declining trend […]

Is the next crash lurking?


The end of this year approaches in approximately fifteen days and many governments around the world, especially in the US and EU, are proud of their policy decisions regarding the state of their economy. The Fed has kept the interest rates very low, despite political pressures, in order to boost money supply through QE within […]

Austerity and Production


Five years have passed since the eruption of the global financial crisis. Many countries have managed to greatly eliminate the impact of severe depression to the core of their economies, while others have found themselves exposed in unexpected financial downturns. In this article, I would like to argue about the austerity decisions that European countries […]

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