Sophie Winckel
Stories written by Sophie W.

Originally from San Juan Capistrano, California

Double Majoring in Journalism and Advertising at Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian

Brand Ambassador of Spain for The Yacht Week

Creator of blog: La Sirena Madrileña

A Scream Worth 120 Million Dollars


Edvard Munch, a man who lived with a consistency of pessimism throughout his lifetime…a man who thought society was corrupt…a man who believed personality was created by conflict…an expressionist…an artist.  Munch had an oppressed state of mind that we can clearly see written in his private journals: “For as long as I can remember I […]

Luxury meets camping


Sleeping under the stars…hearing a lioness roar at midnight…dreaming away on top of a 12th century Indian fortress…waking up to a 180 degree view of the turquoise Sea of Cortés, did camping ever sound this good?  Thanks to the innovative and adventurous side of the hotel business, luxurious camping, what may seem to be an […]

Space travel: not only for astronauts


Cabin crew, prepare for take off…we´re going to space.  To us earth folk, space has always been something either only seen in the movies, on the news or an image in our most surreal-like dreams.  Space is mysterious, intriguing, and so far away that it is difficult to really fathom its existence. With today’s incredible […]

Give me my marbles back


Greece or England? London or Athens? The British Museum or the Parthenon? Finders keepers, losers weepers? Saved or taken? What is the history about the Elgin Marbles? To start out, “Elgin Marbles” is a popular term used to refer to the collection of sculptures, inscriptions and architectural objects acquired by the Lord Elgin himself, British […]

Nespresso business case: Innovation…in a capsule


Nowadays art can be found not only on a canvas but in the kitchen, on the street, or in a brand that masters the art of the expresso. Precisely, Nespresso is the brand that represents this sort of peculiar way of describing and discovering a different type of art. The product itself: the rich, bold, […]

A science fair, an art exposition or…Madrid Fusión 2012


The word “gastronomy” comes from the ancient Greek terms (gastér) (nómo) which literally means “law of regulating the stomach.”  Some thousands of years later, a modern world that subconsciously breathes inspiration from their past ancestors of antiquity would take this term making it precisely an art or science with a focus on gourmet cuisine.  The […]

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