Pedro Jose Trujillo Caballero
Stories written by pjtrujillo

Supply chain manager at Procter & Gamble

Industrial Engineering at the University of Navarra, participated in exchange programs in Copenhagen and California.

Global citizens? Try traveling like a local


  Similar tourist traps and millions of other tourists on your journey, but no local to be found. Sounds familiar? Often when people are travelling abroad, they simple follow their tourism handbook or go with the maps the hotel gave them. In this way, tourists surely get an impression of a city, but not of […]

Risk investments: CFDs


  CFD stands for ‘contract for difference’. A “Seller” will pay to the “Buyer” the difference between the actual value of the asset and its value at the moment when the contract was signed. If the difference is negative the “Buyer” will be the one paying. In this case, the figure of the “Seller” is […]

Do you know how to invest in oil?


  Did you hear in the media that oil price has risen by about 15% in this calendar year? Have you ever thought of investing in it but you do not know how? In this article I want to share a very simple way to invest in oil: ETFs An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an […]

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