Martin Kristensen
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Master student of business communication cand. ling. merc. Spanish and American Studies at Copenhagen Business School.

Business engineering at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Viña del Mar, Chile.

Has worked as a Spanish teacher at Køge Business College in Denmark.

Is currently working in tourism with Apartments Rent The Sun and More in Barcelona, Spain.

The paleo diet – so easy a caveman can do it? (II)


We continue with the second part of the series about the paleo diet. With the paleo diet we want to avoid lifestyle diseases – which we have more than enough of in the world as it is – like for example type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, weakened immune defense system, allergy, etc. If […]

The paleo diet – so easy a caveman can do it? (I)


The paleo diet is about understanding which is the ideal diet for man, the diet that will give us the best state of health. It’s based on evolutionary theory and therefore provokes a lot of questions, as evolutionary theory doesn’t play an important role in modern society and nourishment as a scientific discipline is somewhat […]

What is a duel? (III)

Duelling pistols

A duel was not a brawl but rather a controlled battle between gentlemen of honour. Dignity was expected by all participants; the challenger ought not to have challenged without receiving offense; and the challenged ought, if he gave offense, to have made an apology before he came on the ground. Children’s play was dishonourable. Many […]

What is a duel? (II)

Rapier duel

As mentioned earlier, a duel often took place after an offense. Insults could be real but also – especially later, when dueling became the common man’s affair – very ridiculous. The molested party would demand satisfaction from the offender. This demand could be made with an inescapably insulting gesture, such as throwing a glove before […]

What is a duel? (I)

What is a duel really about?

When most people think of duels they probably think of a scene in a Western movie with two gunslingers facing each other, just waiting for the right moment to draw, or two knights in shining armour on horseback, both riding towards the other with the lance lowered, ready to thrust the opponent to the ground. […]

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