Stories written by Laropio

Teacher at NSSC Bilingual School. Madrid. Spain. June2015 - Up to now

-Teacher at Trinity College SSRR. Madrid. Spain. Sept 2013 - June 2015

-Teacher at several institutions: Dundee School (Spain), Stepping Stones International School and Copenhagen International School (Denmark), Adams School (EEUU), Black Friars School (London), İzzet Baysal İlköğretim Okulu (Turkey) and Christianshavn Folkeskole (Copenhagen). 2008-2011

-Degree in Elementary Education teacher and English teaching as a second language.

-Studied at UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), KDAS Copenhagen University and King´s College of London.

The eternal traveler syndrome.


One of the hardest things to explain to someone who has never lived abroad, is the feeling of belonging nowhere. Quoting the wise words of a restless explorer, this is what we may call “the eternal traveler syndrome”, because once you try it out, you can never stop. The experts call it “reverse cultural shock”, […]

Irony of fate: The Holocaust Memorial of Berlin.


  One of the most visited places in the German city of Berlin is The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Peter Eisenman, an architect from New York, won the contest for the construction of the memorial by proposing to build something unique, that was not intended as a pilgrimage destination but as a […]

The origin of Tapas


Nowadays everybody knows the famous Spanish Tapas, little portions of food that are normally eaten with a glass of wine or beer. Did you ever ask yourself where this tradition and name comes from? The most popular legend states that Alfonso XIII, the king of Spain  from 1886  until 1931, was visiting Cádiz (a city […]

Sara Kaminsky: my father the forger


This is the story told through the eyes of Sara, the daughter of Adolfo Kaminsky, a man who forged thousands of documents in order to save lives. Adolfo was born in Argentina. His family moved to France at the end of the 30’s. His parents were Russian, Jewish and very poor. When he was 14 […]

The story of bottled water

bottled water vs tap water

American people buy more than half a million of water bottles every week. That is enough to wrap around the world 5 times. Imagine the amount of waste produced! Most studies show bottled water quality to be the same or lower than that of tap water. Moreover, bottled water may loose its taste and it […]

The Finland Phenomenon: Secrets of a surprising education system


What is the secret of one of the most successful educational systems and of a very well balanced life style and society? In Finland, schools are small and there is a maximum of 20 children per class. The student-teacher relationship is very important and there is a need for reciprocal communication instead of a teacher-based […]

Live beyond limits


Have you ever got one of those bad mood days when you wake up and wonder why your life is so miserable? Or why you are working in something you don’t really like or living a life you don’t really deserve? I guess you have. Everybody has. After some time, the storm passes and you […]

Necessity is the mother of invention


Everybody knows that any kind of invention is created in order to solve a problem or to make easier tasks of daily life. Big inventions and discoveries come to our mind when we think about it. From the most revolutionary ones such as the lighting bulb, the telephone or the television, to simpler but nevertheless […]

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