Stories written by jorgeajimenez
Law degree at Alcalá University (Madrid). Master in European Union at the Royal Institute of European Studies (Zaragoza).

The Protection of the Human Rights in Europe

Council of Europe

If we want to analyze the protection of the fundamental rights in Europe, we have to focus on two organizations: the European Union and the Council of Europe. The difference between these two organizations is based on the different nature and aims of these organizations. The Council of Europe is an international organization that belongs […]

What should we know about the Turkey’s accession to the EU?

Turkey and the EU

Without a doubt, the accession of Turkey to the EU is going to be one of the longest and complicated processes that EU will carry out during its existence. Since 14th November 1987 when Turkey formally asked for the accession, the meetings between these two regions have taken up hours and hours of negotiations.  Nevertheless, […]

Does total freedom of movement actually exist in the European Union?

Bulgaria and Romania became a member of the EU in 2007

Since the January first, Romanian and Bulgarian workers have total freedom to work in any member State of the European Union, without the need to request a permission to work. It is true that Bulgaria and Romania became members of the European Union in 2007, but nine member States established some restrictions to the free […]

What is wrong with Ukraine? The refusal to the association agreement with the EU

Ukrainian demonstrator

On the 28th of November, the summit between the European Union and the former soviet republics started in Lithuania. It had the agreement of association with Ukraine as a backdrop. This agreement had been foreseen to be signed at this summit, but the President Yanukóvich, has refused the signature for the time being. This refusal […]

The animal experimentation in the European Union: towards an ethic science

The EU cares about the animal welfare

This issue shows in a clear way, the ability of the European Union to regulate subjects so specifics as the animal experimentation. As we can see, the task done in Brussels has direct impact on the legal systems of the member States. Thereby, if we take a look to the primary Law of the European […]

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