Stories written by Gonzalo

Law and Political Science degree in San Pablo-CEU (Madrid).

Currently studying International Bussines and Law in Saxion University (The Netherlands)

The sovereignty of the Artic.


A long time ago, we talked about the sovereignty of Antarctica. Well, the Arctic was not going to be less tan its partner from the South; it does not get rid of territorial disputes. It is difficult to distribute the Artic geographically since it is composed of land, ocean, ice, sea ice… It is a kind […]

The constitutionalism in the populist movements


The origin of the constitutional populism can be considered that it is directly related to the bonapartism. The way that populism has been born follows the characteristics of Napoleón III, who was democratically elected, and at the power, he dissolved the National Assembly and violated the Constitution. Common characteristics: – The elective origin of both. […]

The sovereignty of Antarctica


The sovereignty of this uninhabited area has generated much controversy. Territorial claims ranging from States which have no border with Antarctica, (such as the claim of the nazi Germany of the new Suabia region) to States which, throughout its history, never contributed to its discovery (Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil) through the frontage theory. However, the reality […]

What is the principle of extraterritoriality?


The principle of extraterritoriality is defined, according to the legal encyclopedia, as “fiction of international law that has been used to explain the immunities which subtract certain people or certain things (agents and diplomatic enclosures especially) to the authority of the State of residence, as though they were in the national territory”. This means that, […]

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