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My name is Emilio Aranda Molina. I am 27 years old and I am from Spain.

I held the bachelor of Law and Business Administration from Granada University and master of International Business Administration from CECO and ICEX. Currently I am working in Trade Office of the Spanish Embassy in Beirut to help national companies to trade beyond Spain.

I have been studying abroad in year 2009/2010 in United Kingdom at University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)

What is a bad bank? SAREB, the Spanish example


A bad bank is a corporation that buys from banks and savings banks with public aid, their toxic assets linked to the brick. That is, property development loans in default or at risk of default  and buildings and land that banks have received from unpaid debts like mortgages. The bad bank will have to manage […]

What is the Alternative Stock Market in Spain?

Sudeste Asiático

  The Alternative  Stock Market (MAB)  is a market dedicated to companies with small capitalization which are seeking to expand. That market has a regulation, designed specifically for them, and costs and processes adapted to their characteristics. This system is adapted to specific companies characterised by their size and stage of development, which have large […]

What is Bitcoin? The new revolutionary coin in the finance world


  An anonymous cryptography expert or group known as  ” Satoshi Nakamoto ” released bitcoin on the Internet in 2009. What is this coin? What is its purpose? Launched in 2009, it becomes one of the most suitable alternatives to the current world currency system as it allows anyone to have a universal reach coin. […]

Are Tourism and Export the new economic model for Spain?

Exports and Tourism

Currently Spain holds tourism and international trade as the main basis for addressing the path to the recovery.  Spanish economy is taking advantage of the recent improvement of the Eurozone conditions and the increasing  growth of foreign tourists. The huge growth of export has been unexpected. Exportations have overcome whatever prediction; even they have been higher […]

The Andalusian decree antievictions

Anti Evictions

Last April the Andalusian Regional Government approved a decree under which the homes of the neediest families affected by eviction proceedings initiated by banks will be expropriated by the Regional Government for a maximun period of three years. According to the Regional statement, this measure is inspired and justified through the most elemental human right […]

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