Dani Jurado
Stories written by Dani Jurado

Currently working as senior auditor for a Big Four Company in Belfast, UK, previously worked in an import and export company in Shanghai, China.

BBA at ETEA Business School (Córdoba, Spain) and having studied at The University of Birmingham (UK: BBA & EBBS), and at Kyungsung University

When China awoke, it shook the world, but when it falls asleep…


Napoleon once said “China is a sleeping giant. When it awakes, it will shake the world” but what would happen if China falls asleep? Today, we are a little bit closer to discover it due to its macroeconomic figures evolution; In this first graph we could appreciate how the Real Estate’s prices rose more than […]

What’s the future for the European Union?


We are currently living a conflict period within the European Union, but do not think it is just about the southern economies, all the countries are virtually in troubles. Politicians and economics are trying to manage a crisis, for which a solution is not found, and in which there are a credit crisis, the banks […]

Investing in RDI in crisis times?


We are currently living in a society where there are high unemployment rates, where people commit suicide because they can hardly survive.  The question is: do we really want to invest in Research Development and Innovation (RDI)? Where would you invest 500M Euros in the current economic climate? Would you invest that money in a […]

Macroeconomic effects of raising salaries. The South European and German cases


We woke up the 31st of January with the news of bad macroenomic figures for the German economy. The retail sales have had their biggest decreased since 2009. Merkel has been imposing cuts to the European economies for years, and I have always defended the position that the cuts does not make the economy grow, […]

Which was the first speculative bubble ?


The first great speculative bubble occurred in Netherlands, in the seventeenth century, caused by the tulips, which arrived to Europe in the sixteenth century and did not have too much popularity. However, after suffering a virus they adopted more attractive shapes and colors what made them very popular. Netherlands was enjoying some much healthy years […]

Is Apple a bubble?


On September 21st, the shares of Apple reached $705 and became the company with highest market capitalization in  history, beating Microsoft, which in the nineties got a capitalization of 620,500 million dollars. Even with  the death of its CEO, Steve Jobs, Apple continued its exponential growth. Everything was perfect. Despite of the small disappointments that […]

The property bubble which threats the world


The real estate business has been a secure investment for many countries. It provided great incomes to several countries. Ireland and Spain are some clear examples of these investors; Ireland became the “Celtic Tiger” and Spain was one of the largest world economies being very close to the  G8 countries. In these countries, banks played […]

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