Antonio Luis Leal Rodriguez
Stories written by alealrguez

Editor of the section Business & Money at Qué Aprendemos Hoy/We Learn Today.

Student of Business Administration at Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). 2006-2012.

Student of Business Administration at École de Management, Université de Strasbourg (France). 2010-2011.

Editor for the cinema magazine: TuPeli.es

What is meant by organizational knowledge?


The irruption of knowledge as one of the main factors upon which firms are currently basing the achieving and sustaining of competitive advantages, has led to the acknowledgement of this resource as pivotal, and its effective management has therefore aroused great interest. During the last decades, the firms known as knowledge-based organizations have gradually proliferated. Knowledge-intensive […]

What is the Veblen effect?


The law of Supply and Demand maintains that when a price goes up, the demand curve drops. When the cost of lentils goes up, for example, their consumption drops and their demand decreases. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions to this law. One of them is the Veblen effect. Veblen goods have a positive sloping demand […]

What is strategy?


  Very often we read and hear this word in newspaper’s headlines, television news bulletins or even while sitting in a bar. It could be said that putting into practice a strategy is linked to human reasoning. All of us have an idea of what it means but, what does strategy actually mean? The word […]

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