ARCO 2014: Artistic and Cultural Offer

Some of Miguel Aguirre's politician portraits

Some of Miguel Aguirre’s politician portraits

Arco was celebrated a week ago in Madrid. Many visitors could attend to the 33rd edition of this Art Contemporany Fair from 19th until 23rd of the past month of February. This fair is yearly organized by Ifema and it entails a worldwide meeting where large cultural institutions, collectors, galleries and some celebrities get together in the same space. A space that is thought for the more current art.

The most talked topic due to its novelty was the IVA’s reduction from 21 % to 10 %. In addition, the architect Andrés Jaque, who was the person in charge of the design, got fit 164 galleries from the General Program and 55 from Curators Program in two of the pavilions of the fair. This galleries had more than 23 different nacionalities. In fact, inside the Curators Program, the programming of the invited country was included: Finland, who presented 13 galleries whose works tried to bring closer the social and artistic situation of this country. Other noted programs were, for example, “ArcoKids” where educational workshops for kids were done or, furthermore, “Opening”, a program that included 29 international galleries whose professional careers didn’t have to overstep 7 years. A way to promote really young exhibition spaces. On top of that, we can’t forget the awards concession like “Arco Madrid Beep” about electronic art or the “SustainArt”.

"A Kind of you" from the documental photographer Perttu Saksa

“A Kind of you” from the documental photographer Perttu Saksa

But ARCO continued existing outside of the pavilions 7 and 9. Every year the city of Madrid shakes up itself and all the cultural institutions take advantage of the influence of the fair. In this way, we can see different proposals: in the Center Contemporany Creation (and old slaughterhouse of the city) or also in the National Museum Center of Art Reina Sofía. Big exhibitions were exposed like, for example, the first monographic about Cézanne in the Thyssen Museum or one about Picasso’s studio in Mapfre Fundation. Due to ARCO, a showing of 35 films related with paint and art can be seen in the online cinema platform Filmin until 17th of March.

Even though ARCO’s fair (and the world of current art in general) used to be trivialized and criticized due to the polemics, it’s true that this fair of 2014 has proved that the quality is over the spectacle, appearing even in the front page of the New York Times. Independently that this type of fairs are focused on collectors and in the art selling, the big cultural offer generated around it can’t be denied. For that reason it is worth the effort of the organization of this international renowned fair that is ARCO.

Source | Ifema

More info | The New York Times

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